Welcome to Kuwait

Hello and welcome to Nutritionista Abroad! Thank you for stopping by to read my first ever blog post.

I’m Sheli and I decided to start a blog because we (the husband and I) just moved to Kuwait and I have a liiiittle extra time on my hands.

Luckily, at present, I have more than just a little time because who knew blogging was SO. MUCH. WORK?? I mean, serious kudos to all of the successful bloggers out there – I don’t even want to think about all of the hours they’ve put in.

Moving internationally is hands down the hardest thing I have ever done/continue to do. Even though moving abroad has always been part of our theoretical life plan, once you actually start the process it becomes very overwhelming, very fast. ┬áLeaving everyone and everything you have ever known, packing up everything you own – either for storage or to take with you, and giving the rest away was definitely a challenge. Now add to the fact that you’re moving to a Middle Eastern, Muslim country with pasty white skin and light brown hair and you even have to leave behind your precious dog for a few months. Whew!

Before deciding to move to Kuwait we did a lot of research and here’s some of what we knew coming in:

  • Average summer temps of 110-125 degrees F
  • Average winter temps of 30-60 degrees F
  • It’s a dry country (Meaning NO alcohol. No glass of wine with dinner or meeting a friend for a beer.)
  • Dogs are allowed in without a quarantine (if paperwork is in order)
    • But, for their own safety, they cannot be transported in summer months
  • Women can drive
  • Modest dress is expected but women are not required to wear any traditional Muslim coverings
  • There are 18 countries we can visit for less than $300 each, round-trip from Kuwait
  • It’s a pretty safe place
  • It’s the only Middle Eastern country that recognizes Christianity and has churches in addition to mosques

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